Agüí Brand Development

Project description

The starting point of the project was the purchase of a water spring on Mallorca. The goal was to offer regional water on the island and thus create a sustainable offer. Together with our client Agüí, we developed the business model and the brand from scratch. The result is a clear vision for the brand, a corporate design tailored to the target group and an MVP of the service.

Project information
LUNOS Lüftungstechnik GmbH für Raumluftsysteme
Brand development, web design, corporate identity, logo design

Corporate Design

The corporate design focuses on the proximity and regionality of the offer and appeals to both B2B and B2C customers. In addition to the basic corporate elements (logo, claim, typography, color scheme), key graphic elements, packaging and a starting package of marketing material (website, flyer) were created.


Logo von Agüí sa nostra aigua

Corporate Colors

    Bright Aqua






    Twilight Blue


    Deep Lake


    Blue Atoll




    Sunset Red


    Lemon Drop



Corporate Typography der Firma inio

Branding Design Guideline

The brand guideline that was created is now the basis for the customer for all further media.


The website implements the corporate design with the goal of generating as many leads as possible as an MVP. The specific services and products are advertised and the vision of the brand with its regional approach is played.

Website Mockup einer Landingpage der Firma Agüí