AOK InnoLab

Project description

People who develop innovations need space to think differently, to brainstorm new ideas and to find new solutions. Optimal framework conditions are therefore needed to abandon conventional ways of working and thinking and to generate new ideas. Our task was to design such a creative workspace for the employees of the AOK Nordost in Berlin.
The objective of the InnoLab was to advance the digitalization of the AOK and to make various aspects of digitalization a playful experience. Moreover, the InnoLab is also intended to interact externally. The new work area is expected to support the expansion of networking with universities and start-ups, for example, by involving specialists from science and business in cooperation with health insurance experts on selected projects.

Project information
Client GmbH & Co KG
Interior design

A new space for innovation

A total of 280 square meters of office space allows employees to develop innovations in completely new ways, benefiting from modern communication and work technologies. We have deliberately refrained from using classic office furnishings such as desks and swivel chairs and focused on open-plan solutions with seating areas and large desks instead.

konzeptionelle Darstellung der Raumplanung des AOK Innolab

InnoLab = new space, new ideas, new products

Attractive working areas such as meeting places have been established to satisfy a variety of individual expectations. Private boxes as well as meeting boxes for small and large teams have been constructed. The results of the meetings are captured simultaneously on the Smartboard. Flexible video technology makes it possible to communicate with teams at other locations.