App design for the smart hotel bed

Project description

The ” Dreamcar project ” Ambisuites was presented by Erwin Müller at the Internorga in 2016. The smart hotel bed was designed and prototypically implemented by our company.

Project information
Hotelwäsche Erwin Müller GmbH
UX, UI, app design


The challenge in designing the app was to make the control of the extensive functions of the hotel bed as user-friendly as possible. Graphical simple control modules and the smooth design transform the operation into a relaxing experience.

Flowchart Wireframe Scribble der Ambisuite App

The App

The defined functions included, for example, adjusting the firmness of the mattress, personal media control (Netflix, iTunes), programming the wake-up function by light and calling up the hotel’s service offers.

Darstellung mehrerer Screens mit der Ambisuite App