ATZ – Bike Graphics Velo de Ville

Project description

Our customer AT-Zweirad entrusted us with a fundamental overhaul of the product graphics on the “Velo de Ville” cycling range. The stickers, which had previously been applied sparsely, received a new look with a uniform and coherent graphic concept. ” Velo de Ville” needed to be included more strongly than before as an attractive brand in the graphic concept of the bikes. The redesign of the individual graphic elements reflects the appearance of a “Velo de Ville” product as well as the information expected by the consumer on the product.

Project information
AT Zweirad GmbH - Velo de Ville
Design, graphic design, brand communication, logo design

ATZ – Bike Graphics Velo de Ville

The new graphic concepts have been developed for the low-entry AEB 800 semi-integrated battery, low-entry CEB 900 fully integrated battery, the “FLOW” series, Hardtail women AEB 800 E semi-integrated battery, Hardtail men AEB 200 semi-integrated battery versions.

ATZ – Bike Graphics Velo de Ville Signet

The “V” from the Velo de Ville logo has been developed into an independent signet. It is now integrated into the products and conveys the uniqueness of the brand in a contemporary way, along with the décor and other graphic details and elements.

Velo de Ville Signet Logo geprägt auf Papier in Silber

ATZ – Bike Graphics Velo de Ville

The graphic elements have received the distinctive Velo de Ville design and thus do not resemble the common designs of the competitors.