Product range brochure for new office worlds

Project description

Fleischer Büromöbel has been manufacturing office furniture for 50 years, concentrating on the individual and the optimum working conditions. The focus is both on utility and well-being.
We have been entrusted with designing products for Fleischer since 2013, successfully complementing the range for the new office worlds. Section and Cottage are two office furniture series that we have developed in cooperation with Fleischer to create an intelligent setting that is worth living in.
The purpose of the catalogue is to present the Fleischer office world in a vibrant way and to make the new orientation perceivable. The catalogue provides the customer with orientation by means of its color guidance system. Factual product information is complemented by emotional, image-promoting content. Virtual architectures have been created for the authentic presentation of the products, in which the products are staged in a target group-oriented and photo-realistic way.

Project information
Fleischer Büromöbelwerk & Co. KG.
Catalog conception and design, layout, final artwork, print supervision, CGI

Look & Feel

Coporate Design Elemente der Fleischer Büromöbel Broschüre

Insight into the brochure

3D visualizations

According to Fleischer, the office as a living space is a place that should offer its users high-quality time. After all, the feeling of well-being is particularly important in an environment where people spend a large part of their time.
Our task was to create different office interiors. The aim was to address all defined target groups with the new visuals – from classic, modern to dynamic, flexible. We assigned the entire product range to the office scenarios and staged the products in an authentic environment. The result are photo-realistic 3D visuals that reflect the company’s visual concept and inform about the products in an inspiring way.