Website Relaunch Fleischer

Project description

We have been working with our customer the Fleischer Office Furniture for several years now with great commitment and enthusiasm. We have been cooperating on the strategic development of the product range by introducing products that meet the requirements of the changing office environment. On the other hand, we are constantly improving the Fleischer Office Furniture brand image in line with the times. In order to achieve this, our units are in close contact with the customer so that all information concerning the products can be transformed into target group-oriented marketing. This year, we have jointly restructured the online marketing. The relaunch of the website enables Fleischer Office Furniture to be in tune with the times. The responsive website is informative and provides a sense of guidance. The product range is clearly presented, well structured and information about the product is easy to find.

Project information
Fleischer Büromöbelwerk & Co. KG.
Webdesign, User Interface, User Experience

The Relaunch

The website was redesigned by means of WordPress and a dedicated customized theme. The CMS allows for a flexible arrangement of the content areas to facilitate great design freedom for the editors. The technical implementation was supported by Kombinat (Agency for Information Design).

Ansicht der Homepage von Fleischer Büromöbel im Bildschrim

Optimized User Experience

The website optimally addresses the target groups (architects, planners, buyers) by providing a consistent user experience.

Redesign of the Fleischer office furniture website

The website provides detailed information on the company’s products and services and also serves as a digital consulting and presentation tool for the sales team.

Fleischer Büromöbel Ansicht der alten Homepage Fleischer Büromöbel Website Redesign der Homepage
Fleischer Büromöbel Ansicht der einzelnen Seiten als Screens mit Macbook