FRANKE Countertop washbasins

Project description

The design of the Miranit countertop washbasins clearly follows the FRANKE design concept. There are various formal equivalents to the standard fittings – yet the transfer and further development of the design language represented a major challenge.
The subtle rim adds a filigree and high-quality character to the washbasins. This is complemented by the innovative sealing concept, which does not require a messy silicone joint and thus underlines the elegant character of the washbasins.
We have developed the countertop washbasins in two versions: a relatively rectangular (QUADROtop) and a round (RONDAtop) version.

Project information
Franke Aquarotter GmbH
Assortment strategy, design, product development, marketing, CGI


German Design Award Winner 2020 Badge

The round design of the countertop washbasins matches very well with strongly contrasting materials. Its minimalist elegance stems from the circular shape, that we have transferred into the Franke design style.

Collage des Franke Aufsatzwaschtische Rondatop mit Farb-, und Materialproben

Material & color

The Miranit countertop washbasins are cast in one single piece, i.e. without glued seams or joints. The gel coat surface is smooth, hygienic and easy to clean. The white shade, however, conveys the impression of high quality due to its matt texture.

Sketchbook Zeichnungen Ideation Sketches Konzeption von Franke Armaturen und Aufsatzwaschtischen