Smart Urinal Sensor – Franke

Project description

The Franke Smart Control is a design concept for the housing of a ceiling-mounted sensor unit. The task predefined by Franke is the detection of movement in three-dimensional space for public touchless urinals and expandable application areas. It replaces individual sensors directly on each urinal with a singular sensor unit on the ceiling. Our job was to design the visual image and the concept for the geometry, as well as develop a presentation model and prepare the implementation for series production.

Project information
Franke Aquarotter GmbH
Product design, Industrial design


Instead of installing a sensor unit at each urinal to trigger the flushing process, the control unit, which is installed in the center of the room on the ceiling, can control or trigger a large number of urinals simultaneously. An area detection system, even with depth overlay, detects persons at the urinal and triggers the respective flushing process via radio frequency as soon as the respective person moves away.


The Franke project team has questioned conventional solutions in the public sanitary sector in advance and examined the alternatives in detail as part of the action process. The conclusions were then transferred directly into the aesthetic and constructive design of the housing.

Zeichnungen Ideation Sketches des Franke Aquarotter Smart Urinal Sensors


A flat, cylindrical base frame accentuates the universal character of the object. Both light and dark interior concepts are accommodated in the two color alternatives of the housings. It is supposed to work and integrate in every space and in every arrangement…. The surface of the sensor and its alignment axis are indicated for the installer by means of the cut-out of the basic body. The matt housing ring contrasts the glossy acrylic cover and at the same time enables seamless integration of the sensor detection area.