Target group communication for Franke Water Systems

Project description

Innovative system solutions for sanitary rooms in (semi-) public and commercial facilities are the hallmark of Franke Water Systems. The search for new, unusual solutions and the high demands on the design concept of the products require targeted, aesthetic marketing. We have mastered this challenge in close cooperation with the Franke marketing team by this year’s ISH (World’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Heat and Air Conditioning in Frankfurt am Main).

Project information
Franke Water Systems
Target group communication, visual language, conception, layout, photo briefings, 3D renderings, implementation support

New products brochures

We have developed a new visual language and a new target group communication that is based on it. The objective was to show the new products in (semi) public and commercial application areas that would optimally address the target group of architects, professional planners and wholesalers. First and foremost, this was to be done in the form of two brochures. The visualization of the products in a fictitious architecture gave us the opportunity to create spaces that showcase the products in a modern and contemporary way without any limitations. The implementation was carried out according to the medium which had been selected for the trade fair. We have created photo-realistic renderings for the two brochures. Three shots of the user approaching the product from a distance have been taken for each of the two brochures. 360° renderings for the 3-dimensional experience of the new products have been created, enabling the trade fair visitor to look around the entire room by means of 3D glasses.

Active shower experiences
in a sporting context


Sporting elegance in outstanding quality

Collage des Franke Duschpaneels mit Farb-, und Materialproben
Innenhof eines verglasten Gebäudes mit der Aufschrift GYM
Junge Frau im Fitnessstudio mit gelbem Shirt

Indoor swimming pool

The better the technology, the better the result

Washroom experiences in
the urban living space

Concept Mall

Urban havens with an all-round concept

Collage des Franke Aufsatzwaschtische Rondatop mit Farb-, und Materialproben
Verglastes Gebäude in urbanem Raum
Junge Frau mit orangenem Pullover im Kaufhaus

Concept Mall

Urbane Oasen mit Rundum-Konzept

Collage des Franke Aufsatzwaschtische Quadrotop mit Farb-, und Materialproben
mit Lichtleiste beleuchteter Treppenaufgang in einem Museum
Junge interessiert wirkende Frau im Museum

Photorealistic visualizations

All of our interior designs have been conceived in an integrated way. This means we have designed and furnished the entire space. We were thus not only able to produce 2D images from the 3D data for use in the conventional marketing media (brochures, flyers, etc.).
(brochures, flyers, etc.), but also to implement results directed towards virtual reality. Quite early in the design phase, we had the possibility for the customer to experience the space by means of 3D glasses.

Renderbriefing der Sanitäranlagen einer Kultureinrichtung Fotorealistisches Raumrendering der Sanitäranlagen einer Kultureinrichtung