Villeroy & Boch glass series

Project description

Villeroy & Boch, renowned for its long tradition in tableware, had the ambition to become a competent supplier of glassware for drinking as well. In order to accomplish this objective, we have developed a structuring and reorientation of the Villeroy & Boch drinking glass assortment – with the customer’s aspirations in mind at all times: to establish a streamlined yet complete assortment, to gain the customer’s trust, to build up the perception of the brand in the drinking glass sector, to address core target groups.

Project information
Villeroy & Boch AG
Assortment analysis, assortment strategy, design conception, design detailing, pre-construction, implementation support

From the concept to the finished drinking glass series

The concept for the product range was completed during a workshop in cooperation with the customer. We have developed four new drinking glass series based on this concept and focusing on the defined target groups and personas.

Darstellung Brainstorming, Konzeption, Variantenbildung des Glassortiments von Villeroy und Boch
Konzeption des Glassortiments von Villeroy und Boch
Outline Zeichnungen und Größenvergleich des Glassortiments von Villeroy und Boch