Abus InnoLab

Project description

An innovation lab was constructed in a former car showroom for the ABUS company in Wetter. The idea was to create a space that would offer employees an attractive alternative to the office desk. An innovation setting for temporary work and co-working, but also a chilled-out retreat where the staff can enjoy spending time, change perspectives and find space for creativity. A forge of ideas for team meetings and presentations in a relaxed atmosphere. The room serves both as an exhibition space for individual products and as a meeting place for customers, employees and project partners. The adjacent test lab and a virtual reality room are the interface between customer and production. The rooms were rearranged for this purpose and different functions have been assigned to the zones.

Project information
ABUS - August Bremicker Söhne KG
Interior design, Spatial Branding

Change of perspective and creative co-working

The entrance area includes an open coffee bar and a high table for work and meetings. Both pieces of furniture are custom-made and specially adapted to the requirements of the room. A suspended metal construction above the table is an eye-catcher: integrated lights and green plants invigorate the room climate and emphasize the sporty outdoor character of the Abus sports and lifestyle brand.

Materialrecherche zweier Personen mit Abus Helm und Farbfächer

Agile innovation setting

The interior and the room layout have a significant influence on the way we communicate with each other. The core of the workshop and presentation area is composed of a group of seating islands that can be used for breaks, meetings or larger events. The modular seating furniture can be arranged or rearranged in a variety of configurations. The informal character supports exchange at eye level, creates a relaxed atmosphere and promotes an intensive, agile exchange during presentations and workshops. The workshop area is visually separated from the room by an anthracite-colored floor, which doesn’t compromise the room’s open, light-flooded atmosphere.