Innovative service center – AOK Nord-Ost Potsdam

Project description

One of the fundamental objectives of the project was to make the opportunities of digitalization tangible in a spatial concept. The result was a fascinating, digital service centre with state-of-the-art technical equipment, but nevertheless atmospheric and inviting. The interior is bright, friendly and open. The old charm of the building has been preserved as far as possible to contribute to the atmosphere. The fixed area can be rearranged as often as desired via a grid system mounted on the ceiling, allowing it to be adapted to the changing thematic concerns of the AOK. The so-called “theme islands” offer various ways of presenting content, both digitally and in analogue form.

Project information
Client GmbH & Co KG
Interior design, Spatial branding

Color and material collage

The subject of digitalization is also reflected in the choice of the materials and the color scheme of the surfaces. Natural materials have been selected to create exciting contrasts. The aim was to convey a pleasant atmosphere, a place where AOK customers would be happy to spend time in order to deal with the services in a relaxed manner. The AOK Nordost Potsdam service centre needed a new look while still retaining its identity. Light, natural wood in combination with modern petrol establishes a visual link to the AOK corporate identity. Lighting that is focused and targeted highlights individual consultation and information zones in the room.

Farb- und Materialcollage mit dem Thema Gesundheit und Natur

Digital transformation of the AOK Nord-Ost Potsdam

The service center makes “health” a digital experience in the space and allows for completely new flexible uses in addition to classic consulting. Together with our partner AOK, a prototype of a digital service center was created that offers spatial solutions for the visions of AOK and gives them a face. The digitalization of services has enabled us to design individual interiors for consulting. Depending on their needs, customers and consultants can meet comfortably in the lounge, briefly at a high table, or discreetly in the video consulting room.
The integration of digital technologies into the historic, listed building was a challenging and exciting task. The result is a space that is suitable for different types of consultation and supports the AOK in the process of digitizing its services.

Fotografie der Bildschirmwand des innovativen Servicecenters der AOK

Counseling reconceived

The digital progress and transformation in the field of counseling at the AOK is facilitated by various counseling zones. A bright, open entrance area provides an overview of all current topics & services at the AOK as well as ongoing consultation appointments via an interactive “video wall”. A self-service area provides independent access to important information and offers space for undisturbed counseling, which may always be followed by personal counseling with the AOK staff.
Quick counseling is possible while standing at so-called quick desks, whereas the lounge area offers a pleasant atmosphere for longer discussions with customers, allowing them to meet at eye level rather than assuming the classic counselor’s desk position. The so-called video counseling desks offer the possibility to call in external counselors. The focus here is once again on sitting at the same table with the customer and providing the optimum advice. The classic workplaces on the first floor should also benefit from the new color and material concept and fit seamlessly into the overall concept. An open workspace on the top floor offers the possibility of organizing workshops and enabling creative and flexible working.

From concept to finished interior

Konzeption Raumplanung in CAD des innovativen Servicecenters der AOK Fotografie des interaktiven Bereichs mit Keyvisual des innovativen Servicecenters der AOK