LUNOS wireless screen

Project description

With the new wireless screen, LUNOS wants to enable end customers to always live in optimally ventilated premises without noticing the slightest thing about the actual work of the technology. The new wireless screen should harmonize with all other wall-mounted elements in the room. Light switches, sockets or the controller for the underfloor heating – they are all to include the wireless screen in their design family. In principle, the wireless screen is another smart controller in the room, even if the active regulation work usually goes unnoticed by humans. The new wireless screen from LUNOS was voted the best product of the year 2022 in the ventilation industry.

Project information
LUNOS Lüftungstechnik GmbH
Product design, product development


Plus X Award 2022 Preis für Innovation, High Quality, Bedienkomfort und Funktionalität

The design language is clear, reduced and restrained and thus represents both the continuation and the reinterpretation of the LUNOS product language, which has always had a clear reference to interior design. Large housing corner radii (R25) create a modern, sympathetic overall effect. The clear, flat front surface runs parallel to the wall surface and does not protrude into the room at an angle. Only in an emergency (e.g. fire) is the panel manually closed by the user and the front panel projects into the room at an angle. This sign function is intended to encourage the user to open the panel again afterwards. LUNOS product branding has been completely omitted. Instead, the horizontal LUNOS “stripe” is placed clearly visible on the front panel as a brand recognition feature and is visually highlighted from the otherwise matt-textured housing surface by a glossy finish. The generous bevel on the back of the housing makes the screen bezel visually float in front of the wall and gives it a slimmer appearance.

Rendering der Lunos Funkblende in Weiß an Steinwand Rendering der Lunos Funkblende in Weiß an Steinwand

LUNOS wireless screen