The Office Loft event announcement for OrgaTec 2016

Project description

Outside ORGATEC, Fleischer hosted its own event in 2016. We have embraced the industrial-vintage character of the location and translated it into a graphic concept. The aim was to attract as many regular and new customers as possible to present the charmingly staged new products.

Project information
Fleischer Büromöbelwerk & Co. KG.
Concept, design, layout, final artwork, print support

Event announcement

The new brand orientation is reflected in all communication channels – from the announcement flyer, via the wordmark, the flag, the sketchnote and the landing page to the novelty poster – by means of the graphic framework and thus generates a well-rounded overall image that remains in the visitor’s memory.

verschiedene Printprodukt auf Section Büromöbel - Messeinladung Poster

Digital event announcement

Orgatec 2016 responsive Landingpage als Messeeinladung


Orgatec 2016 Print Flyer als doppelseitige Messeeinladung


Poster mit Produktneuheiten der Firma Fleischer Büromöbel für die Orgatec 2016


The sketchnote shows a summary of the event. This is where we have communicated all the innovations and co-exhibitors altogether in a unique collage.

Illustration einer Office Loft Situation mit Büromöbeln der Firma Fleischer