OKA Places

Project description

We have developed a style world model for the OKA office furniture. The aim was to present the OKA product range supported by four style worlds. The basic issue was, what are the office types and which ones does OKA want to address with its product range in the future? The first step was to evaluate and categorize the product range and the existing visual material. The new OKA style worlds have been developed and refined on the basis of these categories and with attention to the current and future trends in the office furniture sector. A story in the form of a brochure was conceived for digital communication on the website and in print. Render briefings and text sketches provided the basis for further elaboration. The result of this project was a customer-specific style world model that could be used as a tool for product range development and guidance for marketing measures. The conceptualized style worlds were used as communication tools both digitally and in print.

Project information
OKA Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG

Render briefings

A fictitious office scenario was designed for each of the four style worlds to match the OKA product range. The OKA office zones were thematised and materials, colors and accessories were perfectly synchronized. The briefings regarding the different office scenarios were elaborated and explained in detail for an optimum result.

Oka Places Stilwelt Natürliche Harmonie Rendering Raumansicht des Lounge Bereichs
Oka Places Stilwelt Raumplanung Interieur

Style world: Natural harmony

Natural harmony

The workplace was supposed to reflect and support a lifestyle based on fairness, environmental awareness and climate neutrality by using natural materials and organic shapes. A clear, inspiring color arrangement provided for an atmospheric, homely ambience. Surfaces that are pleasant to touch, coupled with natural materials, united a sense of unwinding with usability and transform the workplace into a second home.




Junger Mann als Testimonial für die OKA Places Stilwelt Natürliche Harmonie
Moodbild eines Bergsees bei Nebel
Moodbild einer Kaffetasse von oben mit Milchschaum in Form eines Blattes
Oka Places Stilwelt Natürliche Harmonie Product Staging

Style world: Creative vitality

Creative vitality

Defined lines and intriguing details of the furniture encouraged an open mindset and an agile environment. Spaces that can be used dynamically stimulate spontaneity and create a working atmosphere of informality for future-oriented output.




Junge rothaarige Frau als Testimonial für die OKA Places Stilwelt Kreative Lebendigkeit
Moodbild eines Basketballplatzes von oben mit fliegendem Basketball
Moodbild eines Kleinbusses mit mehreren Surfbrettern auf dem Dach angebracht im Sommer
Oka Places Stilwelt Kreative Lebendigkeit Product Staging

Style world: Timeless clarity

Timeless clarity

Focusing on classic values provides a contrast to the transience of trends. In this case, the strength stems from serenity and balance. Individuality is achieved by a sense of aesthetics and uniqueness. Exclusive materials coupled with the latest technology and functionality are matched with treasures of past times. The distinct design demonstrates contemplation of the essential and blends well-being with productivity.




Junger Mann mit Kamera als Testimonial für die OKA Places Stilwelt Zeitlose Klarheit
Moodbild einer Straße mit Backsteingebäuden am Abend
Moodbild eines Plattenspielers in Nahaufnahme
Oka Places Stilwelt Zeitlose Klarheit Product Staging

Style world: Modern elegance

Modern elegance

The furnishings are a reflection of the individual’s focus on the mindset and the potential to achieve sophisticated goals. Outstanding successes can be celebrated in a working atmosphere which is oriented on perfection and experienced in the midst of attractive surroundings.




Erfolgreiche Frau als Testimonial für die OKA Places Stilwelt Moderne Eleganz
Moodbild einer modernen Stadt mit Hochhäusern am Abend zur blauen Stunde
Moodbild zweier Personen relaxend vor einem Bergpanorama am See
Oka Places Stilwelt Moderne Eleganz Product Staging