Strategic brand development – Poggemeier

Project description

The Poggemeier company has been the leading partner for gastronomy and hotel industry throughout Germany for more than 70 years. The challenge was to develop the service offer of the specialist retailer in parallel with the new brand identity. Therefore, we have worked in close cooperation with the Poggemeier team to develop a new, contemporary brand identity. Furthermore, we have conceived ideas for new marketing tools with the aim of strengthening the company’s sales and making it attractive nationwide.

Project information
Poggemeier GmbH
Brand strategy, logo redesign, website, image brochure, stationery, magalog

Corporate Design

The redesign of the corporate design includes a new font – Source Sans Pro – and a new color scheme that ties in with the old colors but makes them look more modern and fresh.

Corporate Font der Firma Poggemeier

Logo Redesign

The new logo was supposed to draw a clear link to the old logo. The long company tradition is an essential part of the brand. At the same time, the new positioning of the brand as a specialist for large-scale foodservice technology has a much more sober coloring.

altes Logo der Firma Poggemeier Redesign des Poggemeier Logos

Marketing Tools

Despite the client’s strategic reorientation towards online marketing tools including the associated website, we redesigned a whole range of classic print media. These include classic flyer formats, brochures as well as stickers and business cards.

Stationary Büroausstattung im Corporate Design der Firma Poggemeier

Brochure Commercial Kitchen Technology

The brochure focusing on commercial kitchen technology is one of Poggemeier’s campaign media.