Magalog – Poggemeier

Project description

The Poggemeier company has been the leading partner for gastronomy and hotel industry throughout Germany for more than 70 years. The challenge was to develop the service offer of the specialist retailer in parallel with the new brand identity. Therefore, we have worked in close cooperation with the Poggemeier team to develop a new, contemporary brand identity. Furthermore, we have conceived ideas for new marketing tools with the aim of strengthening the company’s sales and making it attractive nationwide.
One of these tools is the Poggemeier Magalogue – a quarterly planned format that reaches the target group via branded content as well as a seasonal cover story. All the content was conceived in parallel for a blog format.

Project information
Poggemeier GmbH
Brand strategy, marketing, branded content

The cover story

The cover story is particularly close to our hearts. The editorial work on the topic “Breakfast 2.0” has taken us through the gastronomic scene of our home town and highlights exciting new trends. Enjoy your meal!

Cover des Poggemeier Magalogs "Poggemeir Stories"