Poggemeier trade fair stand

Project description

The Poggemeier company ordered a trade fair stand for the “Intergastra” and “Internorga” trade fairs. The trade fair stand was supposed to be rather understated in its appearance in order to emphasize the services and performance of the Poggemeier company. It was important to make the ambience tangible by using genuine materials. The stand was to offer the visitor the opportunity to relax and receive advice from the Poggemeier staff.

Project information
Poggemeier GmbH
Design and implementation of exhibition stand

Concept idea

The half-open shelving systems create the so-called niches, which offer a protected area and simultaneously serve as exhibition space. Individual, accentuating greenery on the stand in combination with light oak wood creates a refreshing atmosphere. During the selection of materials and colorings, it was important for us to put the services of the Poggemeier company in the foreground and to develop a pleasant perception of the overall concept.

Collage konzeptioneller Darstellungen des Poggemeier Messestands in CAD

From the design to the finished stand

konzeptionelle Darstellung des Poggemeier Messestands in CAD Fotografie des Poggemeier Messestands