SKS Air Spy

Project description

We have cooperated with our client SKS to design and stage the exclusive new development “Airspy”. The Airspy monitors the bicycle tyre pressure in real time and transmits it to the bike computer or the SKS app. This enables a quick detection of deviations from the optimal tyre pressure. It improves handling, rolling resistance, puncture resistance as well as the service life of the tyre and ensures the optimal function of the bike’s ABS.

Project information
SKS metaplast Scheffer-Klute GmbH
Design, sketches, renderings, preliminary models, CAD, product video

Design development for a bicycle tyre pressure monitoring system

The creative challenge was to combine the greatest possible technical compatibility with maximum user-friendliness. The following graphic is part of our user experience analysis:

AirSpy Function

The tricky aspects of the development process included secure fastening in the wheel and the maximum level of compatibility with all types of bicycles and valves. The space between the spokes had to be used optimally.

AirSpy Renderings