Branding inio daylight lamp

Project description

Inio is a venture of REHAU New Ventures, which aims to improve the way people live through innovation in products, services and business models. Inio is a personalized daylight luminaire with app control that guides users through the day with dynamic light. We had the privilege of holistically managing the go-to-market of the inio product brand. From strategic positioning to product and interface design to branding and corporate design development.

Project information
New Ventures GmbH | REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG
Markenpositionierung, Kundensegmentierung & -ansprache, CI/CD-Redesign

Brand positioning

In a brand sprint, the vision and mission of the brand were jointly developed. Based on the Limbic® Map, the competition was evaluated and the core target groups as well as the core marketing messages were defined. The result served as the base for product and corporate design development.

Brand core

Darstellund des Markenkerns der Firma inio
Die vier Branding Kernaussagen der Firma inio

Limbic® Map

Darstellung der Limbic Map mit Wettbewerbsanalyse im Bereich Licht

Target group

Darstellung der Zielgruppenanalyse der Firma inio

Corporate Design

According to the positioning of the brand, we developed a stimulating appearance, the naming as well as the logo design.

The key visual makes the effectiveness of the luminaire visible, the individual color set is harmonious and stimulating and reflects the light colors.

Corporate Logo

Corporate Colors

    Dark Blue






    Light Blue


    Soft Orange


Corporate Icons

Branding Icon Set der Firma inio

Branding Design Guideline

The resulting Brand Guideline is now the base for all brand-relevant decisions and forms a guardrail for a very dynamic venture.


To illustrate the look & feel and the new corporate design for our client and to make it tangible, we sketched the inio website.

Website Mockup einer Landingpage der Firma inio
Website Mockup einer Landingpage der Firma inio