DB Packaging & Promotion Lieblingsgast

Project description

The classic of sweet gifts: The mini chocolate bar for all DB Fernverkehr AG 1st class travelers has a new face. As a co-branding project together with Share, each bar supports the work of Tafel Deutschland e.V. with a donation.
We are very proud to have developed the packaging design in cooperation with the DB team. In addition, the new “Lieblingsgast” was introduced in the trains with a big promotion campaign. Even better that we were allowed to design the sweaters of the promotion team as well.

Project information
DB Fernverkehr AG
Packaging, graphic design


The conception began with a whole series of ideas using the inside and outside of the packaging to tell a little story. But following the motto “Less is more!” it ultimately stuck to the core message: Every favorite guest donates a meal.


As soon as the production of the “Favorite Guests” started, we set out to support the DB team to launch the products on the trains: Besides online banners, we designed the sweaters of the promotion teams as well.

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