Strategy & Identity

We inject character into brands

In cooperation with your company, we develop an authentic, independent and distinctive brand identity, including brand positioning and brand presentation. In this process, we always consider both the competition and the company’s goals.

  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Corporate Identity & Development
  • Online and Offline Communication
  • Packaging
  • Editorial Design
  • Product Staging
  • Photo & Video & 3D-Visualizations
  • Style World Development
  • Digital Brand Assets & Guidelines

Discover our project cases

The project cases offer an insight into our design process and daily work routine. The focus is on the company or brand with its portfolio, service, culture and typical communication. We understand, observe, define, find ideas, develop prototypes and test. This is how we develop customized solutions in cooperation with our customers.

Branding inio daylight lamp

WONDERWALL Logo an der Wand in 3D Buchstaben


CONTEC brand positioning & corporate design

Cover des SKS infinity GT Gepäckträger Booklet

SKS Infinity GT Booklet

Oka Places Stilwelt Natürliche Harmonie Rendering Raumansicht in Zentralperspektive

OKA Places

Fleischer Büromöbel Ansicht der einzelnen Seiten als Screens mit Macbook

The Fleischer Website

verschiedene Printprodukt auf Section Büromöbel - Messeinladung Poster

The Office Loft event announcement for OrgaTec

Darstellung der Homepage der E.M. Group auf Desktop Rechner

EM Group Website

Fotografie Collage der Accessoires-Serie V-TOUCH der Firma Vega

Vega hotel cosmetics

Aufgeklappte Broschüre der Firma Fleischer Büromöbelwerk mit Grafischer Darstellung

Product range brochure for new office worlds

Cover des Poggemeier Magalogs "Poggemeir Stories"

Magalog – Poggemeier

Stationary Büroausstattung im Corporate Design der Firma Poggemeier

Brand development – Poggemeier

Messestand von Fleischer Büromöbel auf der Orgatec 2018

Fleischer event announcement

Illustration einer Arbeitssituation im Büro mit zwei Perosnen im Gespräch

OKA You brand development

Virtual Reality Headset Darstellung vor 360 Grad Bild

FRANKE target group communication

ATZ – Bike Graphics Velo de Ville


We are designers, shaping products and their surroundings. We are experts for change, we are analytical and have a sensitive eye for relevant trends and tendencies in the market. We look at your product ranges, ask questions and develop answers for your brand in the form of products, innovations, strategies, communication and services. 

Innovation & Design

We design innovative products that complement your product range efficiently and sustainably.

UX / UI Experience

Experience & Interface

We conceive digital products that focus on delivering a positive user experience.

Space Branding & Interior

Branding & Interior

We visualize your brand in terms of space and let your customers experience it.