BORA Professional 2.0 – Control knob with integrated user interface

Project description

In 2007, the new BORA Professional 2.0 was the first of the BORA product systems to be refined in terms of technical innovation, functionality, intuitive operation and aesthetics. The new hob extractor upgrades the system from mechanical to electrical operation. The user can control the entire hob extractor and the different cooktop versions via the innovative control knob with user interface on the front panel, designed by CULTURE FORM.

Project information
BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH
Design, product development, user interface

Operating concept

Temperatures, active cooktops and other operating modes are displayed in bright red via a graphically modernized 7-segment display that has been specially developed for BORA, by means of a combination of touch and rotary controls. The solid knob ring and the front panel are made of brushed stainless steel, intentionally and typically for BORA.

Fotografie eines Kochfelds der Firma Bora mit Bedienknebel


The graphics of the user interface are made visible by means of extremely precise perforations in the metal. Intuitive operation paired with a pleasant, high-quality touch is a characteristic of the BORA Professional line that has been continued in the new development. The contour of the rotationally symmetrical knob ring reflects the concave surface geometry of the hob extractor and has also been optimized for good visibility of the user interface and convenient operation. The entire knob ring can be pulled off to the front and cleaned in the dishwasher easily. The display and inner housing remain permanently mounted on the kitchen front.

Detail Fotografie des Bora Kochfeld Bedienknebels