The Franke FX Concept

Project description

The Franke FX Concept is an easy-to-install plug-and-play unit for touch-free washing and drying of hands (water-soap-air/paper) in high-traffic public spaces, designed to communicate interaction by means of a reactive light strip. The unit concentrates on intuitive touch-free use, quick installation and easy cleaning.

Project information
Franke Aquarotter GmbH
Konzeption, Prototypenbau, 3D-Visualisierung, Animation
Design Concept Badge in Rot mit weißer Schrift
Rendering von zwei Franke FX Concepts aneinander in Reihung

FX Concept product video

The main challenge in the course of the development process was to optimize the Franke FX concept to meet the expectations of three different types of users. The interaction and intuitive usability for the end user. The price, service and installation for the operator. Freedom of design and modularity for the architect. The major challenge was to integrate all user-expectations, alongside with the design and construction of the prototypes.

Service Unit

The contactless service unit is the centerpiece of the FX. The interaction concept enables intuitive control of all functions (soap, water, dryer) via the fully integrated sensor module. The service unit was constructed in two configurations – with a single paper dispenser or a blower dryer.

ISH presentation

The Franke FX Concept was presented for the first time at the ISH 2019 and offered to the visitors for trial. There was a very positive response to the basic concept and usability. A series production is already scheduled.

Messepräsentation des Franke FX Concepts zwei Personen testen die Funktion


Many obstacles can be anticipated and addressed at an early stage in the development process by working in close cooperation with the customer and the user. However, there is never a way to completely avoid obstacles during research and development. Yet a strong team is still capable of mastering all challenges and shaping innovation.