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Project description

GASTRO STYLER is a platform that offers individual interior design for restaurateurs and hoteliers via digital and smart access. The service and the website are in permanent “beta state” and we are constantly improving them in line with the new experiences we make. GASTRO STYLER serves as our playground and testing environment that offers us the opportunity to test a wide variety of concepts: from UX/UI, over corporate design, to the definition of target group-oriented gastronomy worlds.

Project information
Gastro Styler
Service design, logo design, corporate design, development of gastro worlds, web design

Service Design

GASTRO STYLER is a service that offers individual interior designs and graphic solutions (from outdoor advertising to menus) to restaurant owners who are looking for that certain something. A clear and comprehensible process consisting of five steps leads from the style check to a unique, original and authentic design. The restaurant transforms into a meeting place with lounge quality – the new favorite place for the restaurateur, the staff and, of course, for the guests.

Tablet in der Hand mit Homepage des Gastro Stylers

Business stationery, flyer

The business stationery ranges from business cards and letterheads to flyers and the world-of-style cards. The logo visualizes the three-dimensional space and is featured distinctively on all media.

Darstellung verschiedener Größen des responsiven Webdesigns des Gastro Stylers


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Style worlds

We have developed seven style worlds for inspiration and guidance, classifying the gastronomy into specific types. The initial question here is: “Which type of gastronomy world do you belong to?

Collage von Stilwelten des Gastro Styler Konfigurators